Chris Rothman

A Business Consultant changing the way you handle your business


      With over 20 years+ of experience in assisting senior executives in global companies, Chris Rothman has implemented strategic and organizational change that has allowed his clients to transform their approach to people, operations, and problem-solving in the Technology, Private Equity, and Finance sectors. This has given him the ability to find the most appropriate power points to create lasting positive change in companies of any size, permitting Chris to lead companies starting at less than one million dollars and increasing their revenue by 235%.

      Working with predominantly complex global companies, Chris has driven large-scale business and organization transformation across many geographies, particularly North and South America, as well as managed over a dozen global projects by providing management consulting, creating models and programs that have proven to be profitable for clients. His list of clients has varied from small startup companies to large global companies, however, he prefers working with Fortune 1000 companies. He received his Bachelor of Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University in 1993 and also earned his Masters of Business Administration from Duke University in 2010. Chris is married to Vanessa and resides in San Francisco with his three children.